YWS Webinar

The International Young Woman Scientist Webinar (YWS Webinar) provides a platform for participants to connect with creative and innovative young researchers. KWSE organizes a S&T themed contest, evaluates proposals, and offers proposers the chance to present their research work during the webinar.

Theme for the 2023 YWS Webinar

“Sustainable Development Goals, My Research, and Challenges.”

E-WEB-Goal-02 E-WEB-Goal-03 E-WEB-Goal-06 E-WEB-Goal-07 E-WEB-Goal-09 E-WEB-Goal-11 E-WEB-Goal-12 E-WEB-Goal-13 E-WEB-Goal-14 E-WEB-Goal-15
Type No. of Awardee Prize Money Award Grade
Grand Prize 1 person/team KRW 1,000,000 NST Chairperson Award
Top Prize 1 person/team KRW 500,000 UST President Award
Excellence Prize 2 person/team KRW 300,000 KWSE President Award
Encouragement Prize 0 person/team Souvenir Gift -