Smart Sister Program

The Smart Sister Program (SSP) aims to build networks for academic, cultural, and personnel exchanges between international and Korean students, as well as female researchers residing in Korea. The SSP consists of Small Group Activity and Smart Sister Mentoring Program.

Small Group Activity
  • Small Group Activity encourages young women scientists and engineers to propose and execute academic and cultural activities to enhance their leadership and communication skills. It also provides international students and researchers with opportunities to experience the R&D process in Korea.
  • Call for proposals

  • Proposal evaluation

  • SSP activities

  • Final report

  • SSP presentation
    and Award

Smart Sister Mentoring Program
  • This mentoring program supports the establishment of personal networks for next-generation female scientists and experienced female scholars in STEM. By listening to the challenges of international woman researchers residing in Korea, it assists in their process of settling down in Korea. The SSMP offers valuable guidance on career development for female Korean students who are planning on studying and/or working abroad.
  • Call for proposals

  • Mentor and mentee

  • Application

  • Mentoring team
    matching and

  • Submission of
    mentoring report
    and reviews