President’s message

Welcome to the KWSE President of KWSE Hye-On Yoon

Dear Members of KWSE

To the members of The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE)

Now it is 2019, the Year of Golden Pig.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your continued support and genuine affection for KWSE.

This year is the 26th anniversary of KWSE. Through the consistent growth marked by many noteworthy accomplishments, we have become one of the Korea’s most representative association for women in the fields of the science and engineering. I believe this recognition is the result of our tireless efforts over the years to contribute to the sciences by improving the status and capabilities of female scientists and engineers in Korea and strengthening domestic and international woman networks. However, despite such accomplishments, female scientists and engineers are still under-represented and we are far from achieving gender equality in Korea. In other words, there are still many things left for our association to do.

In this year, KWSE will be involved in many projects both at home and abroad.

Particularly, we will be focusing on increasing the participation of our members in KWSE projects and programs, which will serve to further advance each of our members’ careers. We will also be expanding the number of our international programs such as smart sisters program and young woman scientist camp involving female scientists and engineers in other countries. By increasing the scale of our international programs, we hope to unite our members and international partners to create the best results possible.

In the New Year, KWSE hopes to continue to promote joint growth together with all partners by strengthening networks and cooperating on policy development with female scientists and engineers active in government sectors, academia, research, and the industrial sector. Also, in order to foster the next generation of female scientists and engineers, the KWSE will continue to engage in community service activities and play an active role in the development of policies that enable female scientists and engineers to utilize their extensive skills and expertise even after retirement.

With a sincere request to all KWSE members to actively participate in KWSE programs in 2019, I wish you and your family health and happiness.

May you have every happiness and success in 2019!